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Renee' is going to Sturbridge this month to shop....then off to Italy to study painting with Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel and her husband Fred in the 2015 Assisi/Cortona Workshop! She will bring back goodies for the shop in June.

Also please add to your calendar that we are having a miniature show in Nashville on Friday Sept. 11 and 12th

For more information go to this link:


Park Avenue Bedroom                                                                                       

New piece by Zadar!



Going Camping this summer?     Look at our bed for the cabin in the woods!



Have a broken pot...look what you can do! 

Miniature Cottage Woodworking

Welcome Mr. Bill our new woodworker!

He is here to build the dollhouse of your dreams from our selection of Real Good Toys kits.

(We only work on kits bought at our shop to make sure our customers get the service they deserve)

     We are always shooting new items and pieces from collections that we buy from customers so be sure to check the “New Products” box on our front page to see the newest items!

Items are subject to change due to the fact that we are both a storefront and virtual store...a customer in the storefront may be buying what you are ordering off the web…so we may not always have everything you see on our web site but we try to keep most things in stock and the web site current.

Please note that shipping may be more than quoted in the zen cart if the distance or weight of the items are more than usual…we will write you and request the extra shipping if that occurs

*Items that are shipped within the state of Tennessee are subject to the state sales tax of 9.25%

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