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Miniature Cottage   410 East Iris Drive   Nashville,TN. 37204   615-298-2872


It is birthday month at Miniature Cottage!

Come celebrate Renee’ and Jean’s birthday with a 10% off paintings sale

Check it out… pieces of hand painted furniture by Renee’

And we have a new shipment of cranberry glass and Jane Graber Pottery!

Decorative Painting Class for furniture coming this fall…Renee’ will show you how to make paint on unfinished furniture!

New bridge for the fairy garden

and books!

Call us if you have a collection you would like to sell…we can help 

New dolls for our doll lovers


New Piece from Randall Zadar - Home Sweet Home

The last of the three 20th anniversary pieces from the studio. This piece is a tribute to the dollhouse world and for those that love miniatures. The house is open in the back so you can see in. There is a garage with a sports car and a motorcycle. A red car is coming home and pulling up the driveway.

Details: Cast in Foundry Bronze. Hand-painted, signed and numbered on the bottom. Height: 3/4" x 1-1/2" Long. Limited Edition of 50, Issue price: $200.00


Other Events of Interest

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    Two Day Sale: Friday, September 12th and
    Saturday, 13th 2014- 13, 2014  
  • 2014 NAME National Convention
    St. Louis, Missouri
    "Rollin' on the River"
    July 17-20, 2014
  • Trick or Treat in Tennessee 12 years of Trick or Treating October 16th to 19th 2014 DuBose Conference Monteagle Tennessee

  • August 23, 2014:  Alabama Fun Day, Birmingham, AL  "1/4" Village Shops." September 12-14, 2014:  NAME Small Scales Houseparty "Touring Tuscany" Greenville, SC. For more information:


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