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410 East Iris Drive Nashville Tennessee 37204


Lots of Goodies from the Sturbridge Show and from a buyout we just acquired! Be watching as we post new items daily!

June Sale 10% off all our lighting!

This is a new sconce from Sutton Lighting 

"Beauty and the Beast" is a miniature reproduction by Walter Crane and published by George Routledge and Sons Publishers in 1875. It is number 72 of Routledge s Shilling Toy Books. It contains 11 pages (not including the flyleaves) with the complete text and 5 full color plates. This volume is 31/32 inches high by 25/32 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick. It is constructed using traditional book making techniques and other techniques developed for making miniature books. The spine is printed with the title so the volume will look well on a bookshelf.



Beautiful plates from Spain! We just got in a new supply and they go fast. 

Be sure to mark your calendar for the "Three Blind Mice Show" in Nashville

Date:September 8 & 9, 2017

Show Hours Friday 4-8 and Saturday 10-4

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Have a collection to sell? Call us and let us help you find good homes for those miniature treasures! We have been buying and selling miniatures for 38 years!

Miniature Cottage purchased Fred Cobbs tin signs

Fred is retiring and we bought out his stock of tin signs.  We have everything from "Coke" signs to "curve in the road" signs.

If you have an antique shop, auto shop, or you are trying to reproduce something that needs a touch of it is. 


I want to welcome Bob Buckman aboard as our personal pottery specialist. He works in real life scale (Not miniature) but is doing some great things for our Fairy's Garden Gift Shop!! Look at the custom Dog Dishes.

Bella will be eating in style in her Stoneware dish that is carved and glazed with her name in it. The dog dishes come in three sizes. Mack my grand dog has a large dish with his name craved like a Mack Truck. (He is getting his for Christmas) Bob will also be doing personalized mugs and plates for special occasions. Have an idea of what you would like on yours? Call us and we will take your order. Dog bowls are 35.00 each, mugs are 18.00 each, and pencil holders are 15.00 each!

   We are always shooting new items and pieces from collections that we buy from customers so be sure to check the “New Products” box on our front page to see the newest items!

Please note that we are not responsible for breakage unless your package is insured. So please put in comment box that you want insurance. We can check and let you know if it is available in your country and how much before we ship. We cannot insure first class over seas and insurance is expensive for priority.

Please note that shipping may be more than quoted in the zen cart if the distance or weight of the items are more than usual…we will write you and request the extra shipping if that occurs. 

For international shipping: We love our international customers but sometimes shipping is a challenge. You must request insurance if you want to be reimbursed for breakage. We are a small business and cannot aborb the cost of items being broken in shipping...however we will send your package 1st class if you like. We do our best to make sure your order arrives safely. 

Items are not always in stock due to the fact that we are both a storefront and virtual store...a customer in the storefront may be buying what you are ordering off the web…so we may not always have everything you see on our web site but we try to keep most things in stock and the web site current. We do not refund money but we are happy to exchange your returned packages for store credit. 

*Items that are shipped within the state of Tennessee are subject to the state sales tax of 9.25%

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