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Natalie's Garden House

This is a past class.

Instructor name: Teresa Layman

Workshop days: Feb 18-22. Please register with us as soon as possible (Deposit Required)

Workshop time requested: 8 am to 8 pm with breaks for lunch and dinner

Cost: $815

Maximum number of students: 10

Description: If there is one thing I am terrible at, it would be gardening. I love gardens, but I hate bugs, and gardens have bugs, so I don't spend as much time in my garden making it look as good as I would like it to.

However, in my miniature world, there are no bugs! So a miniature garden is the garden for me... the plants are always beautiful and never need water, you can have all those lovely flowers blooming in concert, there is no need for bug spray, and I can have the garden house of my dreams with clean hands.

I hope you will join me in building this lovely little one inch scale garden house. The size of the base is 16.5" by 16.5" and the house stands about 24" tall to the top of the weathervane. The interior of the building is a diminutive 8.5" in diameter, which means it doesn't take much to fill it up.

Each student will receive a handmade weathervane in the rabbit design, which is included in the price of the class. If anyone is making something else out of their structure, I would be happy to discuss a different weathervane design.

Techniques you will learn include:

                making stones and bricks with creative paperclay

                building your own windows and door from real wood

                wiring for electric lights

                learn my secret amazing-looks-like-real-grass technique

                learn how to keep your miniature dirt in place

If you don't have need of a garden house, this little building would make a wonderful artist studio, potting shed, witch cottage, fairy house, alchemist lab, toy-maker's shop, sorcerer's apprentice house, reading room or anything else.

All tools to build with and materials you will need are included in the class, including the Ray Storey lights, however, the beautiful flowers, furnishings and accessories are not included, you will need to purchase those as you see fit.

Don't forget to see extra photos below.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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