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Learning to Electrify your Dollhouse

Day 2
July 15th

Learning to
Electrify your

Suggestions for creating a stunning illumination of your personalized
project through up to date modern lighting techniques and the latest
electrical components.
Our focus will be on upgrading our products and techniques to produce a trouble free, long lasting
wiring wonderland for our displays. We will learn about those LEDs and how they improve our
lighting. We will learn how to install a remote control and play with an EL-Panel. We will learn how
to work with all the different sizes of LEDs and understand how the different colors affect our display.
This class is open to anyone with a basic understanding of electricity and some knowledge of
soldering. There will be several projects for each to complete and a number of demonstrations
for all to see.
1. Fiber Optic & Color changing LED table light
2. Changing an existing Incandescent light to an LED
3. Wiring with a reel LED light strip for indirect lighting.
4. Making a LED to work with the 12 volts of the dollhouse.
1. Hard-wire lighting to toggle switches
2. Wiring your dollhouse to a remote control
3. Hooking up an EL-Panel
4. Installing a working Ceiling Fan
Instructor: Carl R Sahlberg
Company: Creative Reproductions 2 Scale
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Price: $65.00

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