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Our web site is open but our storefront will be closed to the public until further notice. We are filling web orders but will not be able to open the shop to the public. All meetings are cancelled until further notice. Stay safe, God Bless, and see you when this is over!

.Miniature Cottage is celebrating spring with a 10% off Furniture Sale during April!


Cancelled !!!  Saturday May 23rd we will be having an adorable doll bed class from a kit by Majestic Mansions. Come bring your lunch and join us for this fun class!

The class is 175.00 and includes the wood kit with a mattress. You will need a a basic tool box and light. A gluing zig is nice, wood glue, paints of your choice, and sealer. (Rocking chair is not included but you could add any piece of unfinished furniture to this class and paint it along with your bed if you like. Half deposit down is needed to hold your place in class. 

We are highlighting our artisan of the month!

Ferenc J. Albert-was born in Hungary in 1931 where he was chosen to receive his education in scientific glassblowing at the Budepest Institute of Technology and he worked at the University until 1956 when he left to come to the USA. He became head of the glassblowing lab at IBM with 18 people working under him. Collectors crave the ability to be able to match antique glass patterns in miniature form. He is a fellow in IGMA and designed the glass parts for Phyllis Tucker, Bruce Phillips, and Scott Hughes for their Chandeliers. He also collaborated with Pete Acquisto and his glassware is made to fit absolutely perfectly in the cast frames that Pete makes. He has worked with lots of artist and I personally love him as a supplier to my shop. Next month we will be having 10% off sale on Ferenc's work. I am awaiting some very nice pieces to arrive from him so be watching!

Remember the old internet? The encyclopedia! Here is a red set like I had as a child!




Go on and make that dollhouse you always wanted!


A different approach to: "The Techniques of Wiring a Dollhouse"

Adding electricity or the lighting of a dollhouse adds a whole new dimension to your project. Lighting enhances all the details of your work and allows everyone to see what is actually inside each and every room. Wiring your project should be fun and not something to fear.

Bring your dollhouse to Life---LIGHT IT!

This class is open to anyone wanting help in wiring and electrifying their project. All materials and supplies will be provided. You will leave with a number of handouts, a wiring booklet, and several surprises. This class will have a number of demonstrations and a few hands-on projects. I spend less time in teaching electricity and more time in the practicial, physical, and logistics in wiring the dollhouse. This class will be full of tricks and tips on how to conceal and hide the running of the wires: whether one uses flat tapewire or round wire.

Instructor: Carl R. Sahlberg

Company: Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Price: 75.00


                                                                  Wallpapers! Pillows!


                Have a collection to sell? Call us and let us help you find good homes for those miniature treasures!

We have been buying and selling miniatures for 42 years!

Beautiful books  

International customers please be aware that unless we send your packages insured we cannot be responsible for damages. We are happy to ship to you and we will ship first class if you like which is usually fine.

We supply the tracking so you can keep up with the package. If you want insurance please ask for it and we will let you know how much it will cost to ship it. Otherwise we send it the cheapest way to save you money. 

Also, due to the United States Postal changes we do not ship outside the United States if you use a credit card. However if you pay with Pay Pal they will allow us to ship through them with no problem.

Miniature Cottage purchased Fred Cobbs tin signs

Fred is retiring and we bought out his stock of tin signs. We have everything from "Coke" signs to "curve in the road" signs.

If you have an antique shop, auto shop, or you are trying to reproduce something that needs a touch of it is.

We are always shooting new items and pieces from collections that we buy from customers so be sure to check the “New Products” box on our front page to see the newest items!

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