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"Center Stage" is a five piece set featuring three ballet dancers, a custom stage and a flower basket. All the pieces are designed to fit into the stage as shown below with this front and back view.

The height of the piece is: 1 - 1/8" or 28 mm.

The bases on each dancer are key shaped so they only fit one way into the stage. The flower basket is also shaped to fit. You can imagine the great difficulty in sculpting, molding, and casting these dancers. When sculpting, the wax masters would break often from the slightest touch of the sculpting blade.

In order to allow better handling of the complete bronze sculpture, I will assemble and paint 50 complete sets of "Center Stage." After the edition is finished, I will make available the individual pieces for collectors who do not collect the complete set. The pieces will be available except for the stage. The only way to get the stage is to buy the complete, numbered set. This will make the 50 sets more valuable in the future.

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