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6" Cabinet doll by Renee' Derra/Mary Carl Roberts


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This beauty is all porcelain and has real glass eyes! She is stunning!

This Bru was poured from a Doreen Sinnett mold and painted by Renee' Derra. 

She was dressed by Mary Carl Roberts. You will not see a prettier doll than this. 

From her pouty lips which are lined, to her eye dots and lashes, this doll is perfection.

Her cheeks, hands, and knees are blushed. Even her nail are lined to define her nail beds on her fingers.

Her eye lashes and brows are a work from steady hands and experience. She is wearing a silk jacket that has three rows of trim and lace and a lovely little broch hanges upon her trim.

She has three pearl buttons and a pearl necklace. She has a fine lawn skirt with rows of trim, lace, and insertion. 

Her feet have little net socks, kid leather shoes with silk ribbon, and a pair of pantaloons are under her slip. 

She is wearing a turned back straw hat on her brown curled hair.

Mary Carl Roberts who is known for her needle work dressed this young lady.

Location Guide: in dome in dollmaker's room


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