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Stoneware Merry Christmas 2019 by Jane Graber 3


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 Jane Graber has been handcrafting miniature pottery (1:12 scale) for about 37 years, and is a listed IGMA artisan. As Jane moves toward retirement she has reduced her number of shows to two per year. Jane is widely acclaimed as a ceramic miniaturist.

Jane has been creating miniature stoneware pottery, made after the salt-glazed pottery of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, since the beginning of her professional career. Each piece is hand thrown on a standard-size potter's wheel, then meticulously painted and glazed with a quill or brush. Jane does all of the work herself, so her pieces are in high demand and always limited in their availability.

In this offering, we have one of Jane's stoneware dinner plates, Merry Christmas 2019, signed and dated by Jane.

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