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Wrought Iron Grape and Leaf Table kit by Susanne Russo


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Vintage Miniature Dollhouse Susan Russo Grapevine Garden Coffee Table kit.

The name Russo is embedded in the bottom of the metal.

This is the beautiful grape and leaf design.

She producted these during the 1980's and this were purchased from a distruibutor who went out of business. 

They are new-never used.

2" wide x 2" deep x 1 1 1/4"" tall when finished.

To assemble, wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid and dry. Carefully bend the bask to fit the chair.

Using Weldbond to glue on the legs. Let dry. 

Carefully bend the back to fit the seat and glue with weldbond.

Spray paint the color of your choice.


display room righr lower cabinet

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