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The loveliest shop amongst all doll house shops is the Antique Shoppe from the Old English Dollhouse Company! This basement will give you the opportunity to extend your range of merchandise you are selling. Decorate this miniature dollhouse with delightful items such as fancy hats, beautiful flower arrangements or lollies and chocolate.

Overall size: 27 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" high x 23 3/4" deep.
Interior room sizes:
1 @ 11" wide x 7 3/4 " high x 13" deep,
1 @ 14" wide x 7 3/4 " high x 13" deep.

Extend the Antique Shoppe by adding this basement. It features four windows and opens from the front. The basement is split into two large rooms with an opening for you to add a basement door, which is located in the dividing wall. (door included)

Please note: Houses are not painted.
Accessories and transfers shown are not available to purchase.
All sizes are approximate.

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