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Christmas Fireplace Decorated for the Corner


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This corner fireplace was done by Renee' Derra/Marlowe.

It is 1" scale and she distressed it and added some gold detailing. 

It has garland with pinecones and red and gold balls with hanging crystals.

There are red silk bows  three lovely stocking-one is hand knitted green and red, one is handsewn felt with ivy made from beads, and the third is a net stocking full of candy. 

You can drill a hole and add coals that light up. 

I cannot find corner fireplaces often and I love the angle it brings to a room so that everything is not lined up against a wall. 

4" wide x 4" tall x 2" deep on the sidesx 1 1/2" across the back that sits against the corner.

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