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Outdoor Fireplace with Burning Embers and Flame Logs


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This modern outdoor fireplace measures 7 3/4" wide3 x 8 1/2" tall x 3" deep. 

Artisan Renee' Marlowe hand cut the logs that fit into the sides and she made the burning embers, the flaming logs, and the inside display of the fireplace. It has an on button you can push. She has left the wiring with shrink tube on so you can shorten it or leave it. You can take the wires and run them through a base if you like to hide the button or just shorten the wires and twist them back together, light a match to melt the shrink tube and attach it to the back wall. It is easy to do. 

The fireplace has a chimney topper and is gray in color. 

This is a solid heavy piece and shipping will be more but we will have to have an address to tell you how much because it is according to weight and distance. 


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