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(image for) Victorian Fan in a Glass Shadow Box Frame

3 1/2" x 2 1/2" tall gold frame.  This is a vintage piece.      Location Guide: Framed art box in room 2
(image for) Porcelain Woman Turned to Look Away


Manufacturer: Renee' Derra

Price: $35.00

This woman is a full porcelain doll that will need to be strung.  She is already china painted and Renee' turned her head to look to one ... more info
(image for) Decorative Metal Table Lamp with Opaque shade #2

2/1/8" high.     This is used but has been tested   Loc-Vintage Lamp Box
(image for) Vintage White Metal Chair

3 3/4" tall x 1 3/4 chair seat diameter.
(image for) Pumpkin Girl for Trick or Treat

Precious little blonde haired girl in a pumpkin custom with a leaf hat.  She is 3" tall and made of porcelain.  She little black ... more info
(image for) Wine Rack Cabinet


Price: $20.00

Walnut finish. 6 1/4" T.   
(image for) Wood Apothecary Sign


Price: $6.00

Carved wood design  2 3/8", 15/16" wide     Rm 2  Case 3  General Store
(image for) Clock and Watches Sign

Sign with carved design--3" long and 1 3/16" wide     Rm 2 Case3, General Store    
(image for) Boutique Intimates Wood Sign

Wood sign with carved design.  2 1/8" tall, 1 3/16" wide
(image for) Three Arm Brass 1" High Chandelier with Amber Fluted Shades

1" high with adjustable metal chain.  This is used, but has been tested   Loc:  Used Lamp Box

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