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Miniature Cottage: Your full service dollhouse miniature store in Nashville, Tennessee

410 East Iris Drive Nashville Tennessee 37204


If you would like to see if we have something in stock for sure then mark check/money order when you go to pay.  We then pull your items and send you an email letting you know it is in store.

Then you simply reply to the email if you want to pay by pay pal and we will send you a request.

Our storefront is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

We are getting ready for the National Miniature Convention coming in the fall. If you want a souvenir of Nashville-we have them!


Welcome May! Need something to do when you cannot go outside due to rain! How about a kit?

We are having 10% OFF SALE on all our kits!

Renee' is going to Chicago to buy for the shop. Be sure to check us out in the next weeks for our new inventory! 

We are checking in lots of antique Renwal and Toostie Toys that a friend in Texas sent us!

They are antiques and made for very old dollhouses. Also 1/2 scale magnets that have cute appliances like stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers!

Also got a collection of handmade books that are going on site soon...

Be sure to join us for the 2024 Franklin National Convention! It is one exit up from our shop in Nashville.

Use this link for more information:

We have been buying and selling miniatures for 42 years!

Lots of people are asking for classes and we have one in the planning!

 International customers please be aware that unless we send your packages insured we cannot be responsible for damages. We are happy to ship to you and we will ship first class if you like which is usually fine.

We supply the tracking so you can keep up with the package. If you want insurance please ask for it and we will let you know how much it will cost to ship it. Otherwise we send it the cheapest way to save you money. 

Pay Pal is the cheapest way for us to ship and if you use a credit instead we may have to contact you for more money as the shipping is higher. The postal rates continue to rise and we are trying to keep the shipping cost down. 

Also, due to the United States Postal changes we do not ship outside the United States if you use a credit card. However if you pay with Pay Pal they usually will allow us to ship through them with no problem.

Cook Stove Chrysnbon Kit

We are working on a series of video's showing our customers "How to make miniatures" and we are starting with a stove kit. You can purchase this kit here on line and watch the video to see step by step how to put it together. Just copy the link below and paste it into your address box and enjoy.

We are always shooting new items and pieces from collections that we buy from customers so be sure to check the “New Products” box on our front page to see the newest items!

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