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If you would like to see if we have something in stock for sure then mark check/money order when you go to pay.  We then pull your items and send you an email letting you know it is in stock; simply reply to the email if you want to pay by pay pal and we will send you a request.

Our storefront is open by appointment only at this time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Please call ahead for an appointment and wear a mask while in store. 


We are having our building supply sale in August. 10% off all brick, stone, windows, doors, and flooring!

This is where we highlight our artisan of the month!

                                                                                                         Our artist of the month is Jim Pounder. This lamp is one of his latest pieces! It is called Large Crystaleque Shade Desk Lamp 

In 1977 Jim was hired by a local professional sculptor who needed assistance in his studio.  He was introduced to the processes of working with microcrystalline wax, mold making, and porcelain mold making.  The man I worked for would send his waxes out of state to the fine art bronze casting foundries, and in about six weeks the waxes would return in bronze….beautiful, living, bronze.Jim had a sense my employment was not going to be permanent so I traveled to the local library where all the phone books in the United States were available.  He methodically went through most all the cities and states, mostly in the mid-west, southwest, and west coast.  He sent resumes to at least a dozen bronze casting foundries.  To his surprise Jim received three responses, Santé Fe Bronze, in Santé Fe, NM; Buffalo Bronze Works, in Sedona, AZ; and Phippen Bronze Foundry, in Prescott, AZ.  After speaking with the owners he decided to accept a position at Buffalo Bronze Works. Jim says learned more of art production in one week at the foundry than four years of art in college.  He then did foundry did art casting for at least a dozen sculptors, mostly Western Art. Jim meet a lady and her brother had made her a dolls house.  Nancy was in the process of putting furniture kits together, applying wallpapers, and becoming very interested in the fun it was.  I thought it needed a man’s touch and started making rifle racks, Moose Heads, Deer Heads…… macho stuff, and since the employees at the foundry had casting privileges I could have them cast in bronze.

A few months went by and Nancy informed Jim there was a specialty store in Scottsdale, AZ, that sold nothing but miniatures and that he should take my pieces down and show the owner.  Sam Powezak owned The Doll House, in Scottsdale.  He loved Jim's work and bought all that he showed him.  He said, “keep it up, make some more”.  So now Jim was now motivated and returned to Sedona and sculpted his first Western Art Miniature titled, “Man on a Horse”, in 1979.  Within a year and a significant amount of western art pieces and Sam introduced his work to a “Jobber” a guy who travels the miniature circuit up and down California and Arizona.  Al Farah loved Jim' work and began sending him lots of orders….lots of orders.  It was time for Jim to make his own casting operation.  In February of 1980 he quit his job and began producing his own work.  Jim says, "To this day I feel I am a very fortunate person.  I have visited nearly every state in our country, have done shows and workshops in nearly every major city, and have a collection of Art Galleries as long as my arm that to this day keeps me entertained when I turn my mind to the great world of Fine Art.  To top that off…. I have met a great group of people and have nurtured great friendships all over the world."


        You can find everything you need for your house or roombox like:

Beautiful books


Sweet Pillows 

    Have a collection to sell? Call us and let us help you find good homes for those miniature treasures!

We have been buying and selling miniatures for 42 years!

International customers please be aware that unless we send your packages insured we cannot be responsible for damages. We are happy to ship to you and we will ship first class if you like which is usually fine.

We supply the tracking so you can keep up with the package. If you want insurance please ask for it and we will let you know how much it will cost to ship it. Otherwise we send it the cheapest way to save you money. 

Also, due to the United States Postal changes we do not ship outside the United States if you use a credit card. However if you pay with Pay Pal they will allow us to ship through them with no problem.

Did you know that my friend Carl Sahlberg has just put video tutorals about wiring on his web site? His web site is Creative Reproductions to Scale! They are so good. It's like the classes we have taught in my shop in the past. What a nice gift from Carl to us during this virus!

Miniature Cottage purchased Fred Cobbs tin signs

Fred is retiring and we bought out his stock of tin signs. We have everything from "Coke" signs to "curve in the road" signs.

If you have an antique shop, auto shop, or you are trying to reproduce something that needs a touch of it is.

We are always shooting new items and pieces from collections that we buy from customers so be sure to check the “New Products” box on our front page to see the newest items!

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