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Shipping & Returns


We mail out products that we have stocked within a week. If we have to special order it from one of our distributors, we will email you and let you know when the merchandise is received by us and that we are mailing it out.


If international customers want insurance, it must be requested and additional Post Office charges must be paid. This is the only protection to cover lost packages outside the U.S.

  • Due to constantly increasing prices and our huge inventory, prices are all subject to change without notice.
  • We will not refund money for broken or lost items unless you request insurance on them!
  • Most of our packages get through fine without insurance but we are not responsible if they are not insured.
  • If they are broken and lost you must file the claim on your side to recover the cost - we are not allowed to file it for you.
  • Also, if you do not want us to ship USPS you must tell us - please put it in the comment box!

Shipping costs within the United States are based on the average weight and cost of the insurance necessary to protect your purchase. In instances of excessive weight, we will use the shipping rate set by the USPS and you will be notified by e-mail before the package is shipped.  Fairy Gardens (Gnomenculture Products) usually require extra postage.

Orders up to $100 =$9.50
Orders up to $200 = $13.50
Orders up to $300 = $17.50
Orders up to $400 = $19.50
Orders up to $500 = $22.50
Orders over $500 = $24.50

Please note that we are not responsible for breakage unless your package is insured. So please put in comment box that you want insurance. We can check and let you know if it is available in your country and how much before we ship. We cannot insure first class over seas and insurance is expensive for priority.

Please note that shipping may be more than quoted on this site if the distance or weight of the items are more than usual… We will write you and request the extra shipping if that occurs. 

Items are not always in stock due to the fact that we are both a storefront and virtual store...a customer in the storefront may be buying what you are ordering off the web…so we may not always have everything you see on our web site but we try to keep most things in stock and the web site current. We do not refund money but we are happy to exchange your returned packages for store credit. 

*Items that are shipped within the state of Tennessee are subject to the state sales tax of 9.25%

International Orders are based on United States Postal Service's Global Priority Mail. This is the best value for small packages. Transit time varies. Shipping to outside of the Continental United States will cost more.

For international shipping: We love our international customers but sometimes shipping is a challenge. You must request insurance if you want to be reimbursed for breakage. We are a small business and cannot aborb the cost of items being broken in shipping... however we will send your package 1st class if you like. We do our best to make sure your order arrives safely.

Canada and Mexico

Orders up to $150 = $13.50
Orders over $150 = $19.50

Other International Countries

Global Priority Mail goes to over 190 countries. To see a list of countries please go to If your country is not listed contact us and we will determine how your item can be shipped.

Orders up to $150 = $26.50
Orders over $150 = $29.50

Our Return Policy

Our return policy is a credit only policy.

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