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Price: $100.00

Shallow bowl with flower design inside by Ron Benson 7/8" across
(image for) ''Iron'' Gate Unit, Finished

Painted weathered black. (5-3/4''h x 6''w x 1-3/8''d)
(image for) 'Art Deco' Mantel Clock Kit


Manufacturer: Phoenix Models

Price: $9.00

From England: In white metal is Art Deco clock kit. Comes with a nice decal for the clock face.    Location Guide: Room 2 in clock box

Manufacturer: Phoenix Models

Price: $30.00

A must for houses 1930's on, this heater kit is made of metal and resin and includes pipes, taps and decals.
(image for) 'Bird Sketch' By MB


Price: $12.00

This beautiful bird is painted with watercolor & acrylic paints. Signed & dated by artist in 2010. Found at auction.  2 1/2" x 3 ... more info
(image for) 'Cast Iron' Pub or Garden Table


Manufacturer: Other

Price: $24.00

From England Height 60mm, diameter 50mm. In white metal kit form - wonderful detail .   (By garden case on peg board wall)
(image for) 'Luck 'o the Irish' Cake


Manufacturer: Bright deLights

Price: $6.90

(image for) 'Ormolu' Style Clock


Manufacturer: Phoenix Models

Price: $56.00

From England - French Ormolu Clock ca. 1865, for you to finish yourself. Resin metal candlesticks with dial transfer. We have one cast in resin and ... more info
(image for) 'Staffordshire' Style ornaments 'Parrots'

From England; 'Staffordshire' Style ornaments 'Parrots' 1 1/8" high Location Guide: Pheonix backstock
(image for) 'Thank You' Cake


Price: $6.00

Thank you cake.

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