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Itsy Bitsy Mini

Minimum order of 3 sheets of the same pattern and color is required so that the dye lot match. All wallpapers are not stocked. We keep the most popular ones and can quickly order any that you need. Waiting time is usually two weeks for those out of stock


I got this email from Nhu at Itsy Bitsy wallpaper on 5-5-2022

 Due to labor and material shortages, several paper mills have closed or are struggling to produce printing paper.  There has been a drastic price increase in the cost of paper.

I've been able to shoulder the rising cost of materials over the past 10 years, but can no longer absorb the most recent price hike.  

I want to make you aware of an increase in the price of wallpaper from 12 dollars for three sheets to 18.00. I am so sorry to have to pass the cost on to you but I have no choice.   





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